Local Surgeon Involved in Novel Drug Study for Hip Fracture

Local Surgeon Involved in Novel Drug Study for Hip Fracture

FORT LAUDERDALE — We can’t avoid it. The aches and pains of growing old are inevitable and with it comes things like bone loss and increased risk for hip fractures.

“As we age, our bones tend to weaken causing osteoporosis, which puts us at higher risk for fractures,” says Dr. Kevin Shrock of Shrock Clinical Research. “Hip fractures are serious injuries and can lead to significant loss of function and even death,” Shrock says.

The good news? New research studies now enrolling right here in south Florida are showing promise.

“Recovery after hip fracture surgery can be lengthy and painful,” says Shrock. “We are currently testing a new medication that we hope will stimulate muscle and bone formation post hip fracture surgery, making recovery easier for the patient.”
The drug belongs to a family of novel orally available, non-steroidal medications that the pharmaceutical company suggests may improve bone mineral density and bone strength in addition to muscle strength and endurance.

The study, initiated by Viking Therapeutics, is in Phase II trials after initial testing showed overall safety and tolerability among the elderly population.

“This new medication, if proven effective, could make a big difference in after-care and address an unmet medical need in this population,” says Shrock.

Shrock and his team say they are excited about the study and encourage those who have had a hip fracture in the past 3 months to call to learn more about participating.

For more information visit shrockresearch.com or call (954) 626-3743.


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