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Fort Lauderdale Digital X-Rays

Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine offers a superior, state-of the art option for imaging: the Digital X-ray. Used to diagnose injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions, Digital X-rays may be obtained during your treatment plan or during a walk-in visit.

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Digital X-Ray Overview

Digital X-rays are an advancement in medical imaging, producing high quality images with much lower X-ray dosage, and without the need for film. Digital radiography uses digital sensors to absorb the low dose X-rays which are converted to a digital format and viewed on a computer screen. Due to the higher quality of the images, your provider can make a better interpretation and more accurate diagnosis than in traditional, film X-rays. Finally, the ultra-sensitive digital sensors allow for less radiation during the procedure, meaning less exposure than with prior technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a digital X-ray and a standard X-ray? See More Details

Both types of X-rays still use x-ray technology, but digital x-rays are a more modern advancement in imaging technology, allowing for a clearer, high resolution image. Digital X-rays also are viewed on  a computer, not  on a film viewbox. Finally, digital X-rays can be easily edited, magnified, rotated, and contrast adjusted.

Are Digital X-rays safe? See More Details

Digital X-rays have a safety advantage over traditional X-rays because they require less radiation exposure. In our natural environment, we receive some radiation exposure every day. With a digital X-ray, the amount of radiation is not zero, but it is quite minimal and very safe. Additionally, your doctor will weigh the pros versus the cons of any treatment, as receiving diagnostic imaging may be essential  to help diagnose and treat your injury or condition.

How long does a digital X-ray take? See More Details

Digital X-ray processing is nearly instantaneous requiring mere seconds of computer processing rather than minutes of chemical processing required with analog film X-ray.

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