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Fort Lauderdale Arthroscopy

Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine specializes in arthroscopic examination and treatment for knee, shoulder or ankle problems, including repairs and ligament reconstruction other such conditions that may be resolved  through arthroscopic, minimally-invasive procedures.

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Arthroscopy Overview

Arthroscopic procedures are known for being minimally invasive and effective ways to treat problems of various joints, very commonly on the knee and shoulder. Because the procedure truly is minimally invasive, tiny incisions are made in the skin and pencil-sized instruments with a small lens and lighting system are then passed through the hole into the joint. It is through this lens that the structure of the joint is illuminated and magnified onto a screen, allowing for a clear view and treatment of problems inside the joint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be in pain after my arthroscopy? See More Details

After your procedure, you may experience some pain and swelling once the long acting local anesthetic wears off. Patients with regional blocks may have no pain for several days post op or none at all!  Low dose pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and ice are sufficient for most patients. Most commonly, you may notice pain in the same area where you felt it before your surgery or at the arthroscopic portals. This gradually resolves within several weeks.

Is arthroscopy considered major surgery? See More Details

It is considered a minor surgery and can be completed on an outpatient-basis. This means that following your procedure, you should be able to go home that same day.

How soon can I walk after my knee arthroscopy? See More Details

With routine knee arthroscopy you will be able to stand immediately after surgery, but will most likely be on crutches in the days that follow and for up to two weeks after. You may be further restricted from more intensive movements and sports for an additional 4-6 weeks.

Can I still use stairs after arthroscopic surgery? See More Details

If you are comfortable navigating stairs using crutches, you may climb stairs that way. Because you will be using crutches in the days that follow your surgery, you should plan around how that may impact your usual, daily activities.

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