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Research FAQs

How do I enroll in a clinical trial ?

First, we’ll conduct a screening over the phone to determine if you meet eligibility criteria as stipulated in the study protocol. These criteria have been submitted to the FDA by the study sponsor (the company seeking drug or device approval) and must be strictly adhered to. If you meet initial criteria, we’ll schedule a screening visit. If you meet final criteria and want to enroll in the study, you’ll sign an informed consent and will then be in the study.

How long will the study take ?

Clinical trials vary in length. Some studies are of short duration (several months) and may require several office visits while others are longer and require fewer visits spaced out over a few years. When you come in for your screening visit we will thoroughly familiarize you with everything you need to know, including the study’s purpose, visit schedule, stipend, etc.

What if I want to drop out of the study ?

If, at any time and for any reason, you decide that you no longer wish to participate in the study, you are free to withdraw yourself. It will in no way affect the care you receive from Shrock Orthopaedic Research or from Ft. Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

What’s the benefit of participating in a clinical trial ?

Many people who have been in research studies say that it’s very gratifying to be part of an endeavor that may potentially help other people with ailments or injuries similar to theirs.  Also, you may find the treatment or medication offered by the study to be more effective than what’s currently approved and on the market. There will never be any costs for study participants. In fact, all costs associated with study treatments (medications, lab tests, x-rays, for example) are covered by the sponsor so you won’t need to worry about insurance coverage. In fact, all studies offer a stipend for every study related office visit or procedure completed to compensate you for your time and travel costs. This can range from several hundred to well over a thousand dollars per participant.

Please call us at or email us at for more information and to schedule a screening appointment.

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