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Below are a few of our recent patient testimonials for our Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine practice, and our Walk-In clinic are conveniently located under one roof. Book an appointment or visit our Walk-In for immediate care.

Fort Lauderdale Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Review Summary

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5on Google,May 26, 2023


Dr. Nigen was great with explaining diagnosis and treatment, very respectful!

5on Google,May 24, 2023


Dr Negin is great. Good attitude, professional, not money oriented. The staff is courteous, you are seen on time – what else can you ask for from a Physican office?

5on Google,Apr 11, 2023


I went at 2pm on a Tuesday and was the only patient. I was quickly taken in for an X-ray and then the PA met with me to discuss it. She explained my toe fracture and treatment plan. I was in and out in 30 minutes. I highly recommend. My Aetna insurance covered my visit with a $45/copay. I preferred going here over urgent care because they are ortho specialists and can provide diagnosis and treatment. There was plenty of parking in the attached lot. The office next door is full of orthopedic doctors requiring an appointment. The X-ray machines and x ray tech are shared by both offices.

5on Google,Apr 03, 2023


I spent HOURS calling every Othro in my network to try and get an appt only to find out most are weeks out. When you’re in pain, that’s just simply too long to be uncomfortable. I found the walk-in ortho clinic through google and headed straight over. I was seen within 30 min of arriving and overall spent less than 2 hours in the office. The staff were all very kind and accommodating. I’m so glad to have found this office! There’s was a little confusion with Walgreens about my prescription and they handled it very quickly and professionally.

5on Google,Mar 30, 2023


After double knee surgery with DR. Shrock. All I can say is thank you so much for giving me a better life without pain. Thank you to the whole team. Big hug to my physical therapists . Therapy makes the difference on how well you heal😎😉❤

5on Google,Mar 20, 2023


I had the greatest experience at Fort Lauderdale Ortho Walk-in. I called Monday morning thinking I had fractured an arm to verify that I could be treated and my insurance was accepted there. I arrived and didn’t even finish my intake papers before being brought into a treatment room. I was immediately assessed and told I would need an x-ray. Not 2 minutes before I was taken for 2 quick scans, then immediately followed by Dr. David L. Nigen who had reviewed the x-ray. Fortunately I did not have a fracture, and the Doctor followed up with testing to see if I had damged tendons. I had a very thorough exam and was given instructions on how to set myself up for a quicker recovery. Every interaction from intake through billing was efficient and quick. I would absolutely go here for any other non-emergency issues.

5on Google,Mar 08, 2023


Great local. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. Doctor Nigel is amazing. So Glad we found him.

5on Google,Mar 07, 2023

The Mid Life Traveler Lexie

I have been coming to see Doctor Wells for about 10 years now, and I don’t know what I would do without him and his staff. He does MRi’s and xrays right there at the location, injections that you need, physical therapy, one stop shop! Everyone is so great!!!

5on Google,Feb 15, 2023


I broke my ankle in November 2023 and had surgery in early December 2023. Dr. Nigen was my surgeon and he did an excellent job with the surgery as well as his staff who were super friendly. I would definitely recommend these guys for any ortho needs!

5on Google,Feb 03, 2023


The staff and doctors are great, and being able to walk in is fantastic. It can get busy at times, but well worth it if you’re injured and need help right away. Their prices are very reasonable as well, they could be charging a premium for walk in services and they don’t.

5on Google,Jan 21, 2023


Great friendly staff!

5on Google,Jan 12, 2023


Great staff. Short wait. Professional.

5on Google,Jan 03, 2023


All the doctor know what they are doing and are very much good. That’s the only reason I go there because they know what they are doing.😀😀😀

5on Google,Nov 02, 2022


I was so impressed with Dr. Nigen when I first met him. My opinion has only grown more positive. He’s professional and personable. He has taken the time to clearly explain my options.

5on Google,Oct 06, 2022


Saw Dr. Nigen for shoulder issues. I found his services excellent, thorough when explaining my issues and options, and was very satisfied with the care provided.

5on Google,Oct 05, 2022


I’ve come here for multiple issues and have been visiting this office for about 4 years now. This orthopedic center was first recommended to me from my own husband’s great experience with ankle issues. I first went here for a broken toe and I’m now being seen for an ongoing arm issue. The staff is friendly and it’s easy to make an appointment. When you get to the office the experience is just as easy and the doctor spends ample time with you and you are taken care of in a timely manner. What’s also nice is they have an X ray machine and an MRI machine right on site super convenient. Such a great staff and doctors wish they did more than orthopedics!

5on Google,Sep 27, 2022


Awesome experience. Decided to go have my my knee, checked out and walked out before noon with my knee feeling much better. Going back soon to have my shoulder looked at.

5on Google,Sep 09, 2022


This is a great ortho office! From the moment you walk in everyone is super helpful! Dr. Alent is very knowledgeable, and helpful. I appreciated his precise explanation of what was happening with my knee. Luckily, it was just a sprain:).

5on Google,Sep 01, 2022


Dr David Nigen is just truly an amazing doctor. I have had a total of 12 hip surgeries and a total hip replacement by age 17. I’ve had multiple different surgeons throughout the years so I know a good one when I see one. He is absolutely one of the most compassionate, caring, honest doctors, I have ever seen.

5on Google,Jul 30, 2022


I have some knee issues, and they are always quick to help…. Phenomenal staff… Today I emailed them to see if they had any opening Monday… To my surprise they were open today, and saw me…. Took care of me perfectly on a Saturday…. So listen up… Hard to find a place that cares about their patients…. Let’s make sure we see them first for any issues you have… you will not be disappointed….

5on Google,Jun 14, 2022


1) Please do not step in a hole and break your foot 2). If you do not listen to #1 seek out Dr Wells and the entire clinic. What a wonder set of professionals. I felt so welcome from the evening before when I made the appointment to my most current visit. Everyone is so pleasant to work with from the reception desk up and through to Dr Wells. Shout Out to the X Ray guy. Loved talking to him. Dr Wells confirmed my foot was indeed broken and had his staff set me up with a walking boot. A few weeks and my foot is healing just fine. Should the need arrive, and please my Higher Power it will never happen, this is the place to go.