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Foot & Ankle Specialists in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine specializes in treating conditions that affect the foot and ankle.

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Common Conditions of the Foot and Ankle

Together, the foot and ankle work together to provide balance and movement in the human body. While the ankle consists of three bones, it is attached by muscles, tendons, and ligaments that connect the foot to the leg. There are a number of conditions that can affect The ankle, hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot. At Fort Lauderdale Ortho, we take care to carefully diagnose the cause of your discomfort or pain and provide appropriate treatment to maintain the use of your feet, ankles, and surrounding parts of the body.

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Gastroc Strains
Talus Fractures
Toe and Forefoot Fractures
Turf Toe
Claw Toe
Heel Fractures
Flatfoot Foot
Foot Fractures
Forefoot Pain
Heel Pain
Limb Deformities
Heel Spurs
Mallet Toe
Lisfranc (Midfoot) Fracture
Nail Bed Injuries
Mortons Neuroma
Retrocalcaneal Bursitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Stress Fracture of the Foot and Ankle
Osteochondral Injuries of the Ankle
Ankle Fracture
Ankle Instability
Ankle Sprains
Athletes Foot
Shin Splints
Achilles Tendon Bursitis
Achilles Tendon Rupture
Ankle Arthritis
Ankle Ligament Tears
Ankle Pain
Ankle Tendonitis
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Common Procedures of the Foot and Ankle

Treatment for conditions or injuries of the foot and ankle can be complex. While physical examination is often the starting point, your doctor can determine if further diagnostic tests, such as x-rays, are needed for accurate diagnosis. Following that, common treatments for many conditions include physical therapy or surgery.

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Physical Examination of the Foot & Ankle
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Ankle Arthroscopy
Ankle Fracture Reductions & Casting
Ankle Fracture Surgery
Foot Fracture Surgery
Calcaneus/Heel Fracture Surgery
Achilles Tendon Repair
Retrocalcaneal Bursitis Surgery
Physical Therapy