Good News for Those with Knee Pain

Doctor Examining Knee

Is the constant pain in your knees limiting your ability to walk and enjoy daily activities? If so, you are not alone. Knee pain is a common complaint heard by orthopaedic surgeons as ongoing physical activity weigh heavily on the knees as we age.  Additional factors such as obesity and joint injury can lead to knee pain as well.

When knee pain occurs, it is often caused by cartilage defects due to this repetitive trauma. When left untreated, these cartilage defects can lead to other issues like osteoarthritis.

While there are many treatments available today for knee pain and osteoarthritis, many of these treatments only help to reduce pain and inflammation, but offer no hope of reversing the underlying condition.

Thankfully, new treatments are on the horizon.  A Phase III clinical trial is now enrolling at Shrock Clinical Research in the Fort Lauderdale area.  This study is testing a unique new cartilage tissue implant called NeoCart. This new possible treatment option uses a patient’s own cartilage cells harvested from the femur.  In a three-step process, cells are collected, harvested into tissue and implanted into the knee.

NeoCart is being compared to Microfracture, the current standard of treatment for knee cartilage defects. Participating in the NeoCart clinical trial means that you would receive treatment with either Microfracture or NeoCart. No placebo is used in this trial.

Shrock Research is seeking candidates for this NeoCart study, so if your physician has suggested treatment with Microfracture, you may be a candidate.  Benefits of participating include being seen by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, receiving study treatment at no cost, and compensation is provided for time and travel expenses.  To learn more, visit or give them a call at (954) 626-3743.

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