3 Important Reasons to Choose the Independent South Florida Orthopedic Surgeon

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, in recent years it has become the norm for shrock1large corporate hospitals to acquire smaller, formerly private medical practices. While we understand the majority of medical personnel who operate in a corporate setting are caring professionals, we also believe the independent South Florida orthopedic surgeon is the best choice for your healthcare and that of your family. Here are a few important reasons why:

• More personal service. Independent doctors remain independent so they can keep their own high standard of care and focus on their patients. They offer flexible scheduling, unhurried appointments, courteous staff and convenient office hours. Hospital physicians often operate under quotas for patients seen each day, forcing them to limit their time with each patient to meet the daily quota.

• More treatment options, for less. Independent physicians can perform or recommend any test, treatment or surgery, and refer you to any doctor or hospital, regardless of location or affiliation. Your treatment is determined by what’s best for you! Plus, services performed at independent facilities may cost much less.

• A genuine partnership. Decisions regarding your medical care should be discussed and made by you and your doctor, not defined or constrained by health plans, business offices or facility rules. Your independent physician is committed to partnering with you to address your unique needs and concerns.

If you want a doctor who can best serve your interests, we believe you’re most likely to find this with independent physicians in private practice, like those found at Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Here we answer to you and your needs, not those of a mega-corporation! To learn more about how our private practice orthopaedic specialists can serve you, call our office today at (954) 400-5544.

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