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Fort Lauderdale Orthopedics Explains: What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Many patients present annually to Fort Lauderdale Orthopedics suffering from heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Most patients with plantar fasciitis complain of pain under the heel, especially when walking first thing in the morning or when they get up after … Continue reading

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Total Hip Replacement in Miami: Is it Right for You?

Arthritis, fractures and other conditions can damage the hip, making everyday activities painful and difficult. If medications, changes in your everyday activities, and the use of walking aids are not helpful, it may be time to consider hip replacement in … Continue reading

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Impingement & Shoulder Pain in Florida Orthopedic Patients

Have you noticed swelling and tenderness in your shoulder? Do you experience pain and stiffness when lifting your arm? These could be symptoms of impingement, a common source of pain in the shoulder for our Florida orthopedic patients. Impingement is … Continue reading

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Your Orthopedic Surgeons in Florida Experienced with “30-Year Knee”

Once we have exhausted all non-surgical methods for treating a patient’s knee pain and mobility issues, total knee replacement may be the best option to restore an active, pain-free life. If you consult with your orthopedic surgeons in Florida and … Continue reading

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What It Means to Be a Subject in a Florida Orthopaedic Clinical Trial

  Clinical research continues to be a field of rapid growth which contributes significantly to the health of people around the world. During a clinical trial, researchers recruit patients with certain health conditions; administer the medication, treatment or device to … Continue reading

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Florida Orthopedic Advice: The Importance of Stretching Before Exercise

Stretching often takes a backseat to the exercise routine. Many active people believe that they don’t need to bother when going for a walk or putting in a few miles on the treadmill. However, some studies indicate that stretching prior … Continue reading

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