3 Things Our Surgeons Want You to Know Before Knee Replacement in Miami

Once a patient suffers knee pain that interferes with daily activities and can no longer be controlled with medicine and other treatments, total knee replacement becomes an option. While the thought of a major joint replacement can be intimidating, this surgery usually leaves our patients in much less pain and greatly enhances quality of life. Once you have decided on knee replacement in Miami, there are a number of topics your surgeon will discuss with you prior to performing the procedure. Here are three things you’ll want to know:

1. Verify benefits with your insurance company in advance. Insurance benefits may change, so verify the coverage you have before, during and after knee surgery by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. Find out specifically how long you’ll be allowed to stay in the hospital and whether post-operative home healthcare is covered.

2. Preparation is key. It’s important to prepare your home for your return following surgery. Arrange furniture and important household items to permit easy and comfortable access. Remove rugs, electrical cords and anything that may cause you to trip or slip. Consider preparing simple meals and snacks in advance. Arrange for someone to stay and help you immediately following your homecoming.

3. Physical therapy is part of the healing process. If you have opted for total knee replacement, recovery will begin soon after surgery and may take several months. Understand that physical therapy is a vital part of the rehabilitation process, so while it will be difficult and uncomfortable at times, your commitment to therapy will largely determine the success of knee replacement.

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