A healthy hip joint has both cartilage and a lubricating joint fluid, call synovial fluid, to protect and cushion the bones while allowing the hip to easily pivot and move. In hips affected by osteoarthritis (OA), the synoival fluid can break down, which may lead to cartilage wear and tear and painful bone-on-bone contact.

The SOLAR Study is evaluating an investigational product by a single injection in the hip that is designed to relieve OA hip pain.

If you are eligible and choose to participate, you will receive at no cost:

  • The investigational product or saline
  • Close monitoring of your osteoarthritis
  • Study-related visits and care for up to 31 weeks

If you think you may be eligible for study participation or want more information about becoming a research hero, please call us at 954-626-3743, fill out the Request an Appointment form on the right, or email us at info@shrockresearch.com.

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