What It Means to Be a Subject in a Florida Orthopaedic Clinical Trial


Clinical research continues to be a field of rapid growth which contributes significantly to the health of people around the world. During a clinical trial, researchers recruit patients with certain health conditions; administer the medication, treatment or device to be tested; and collect data on the patients’ health for a defined time period. Shrock Orthopedic Research (SOR) conducts many clinical trials, drawing study participants from all over south Florida who wish to participate in FDA-approved, cutting-edge orthopedic research.

Clinical trials conducted by SOR vary in length. Some studies last a few months and may require several office visits, while others are longer and require fewer visits spaced out over a few years. Prospective trial participants are fully informed about their respective study beforehand, including its purpose, visit schedule, and applicable stipend. Once a study is underway, a subject in a Florida orthopaedic clinical trial may withdraw at any time and for any reason.

Dr. Kevin Shrock, of Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, is the primary investigator in all SOR clinical trials. He oversees study-related patient care, assisted by two clinical research coordinators. If you think you may be eligible for study participation at SOR, or for more information about our current studies, please call (954) 400-5544 or email info@shrockresearch.com.

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