What is Florida Orthopedic Clinical Research?

Clinical research, clinical trials, clinical studies – they all mean the same thing: a scientific study to find out how a certain medication or treatment affects a person. This is typically the culmination of extensive testing in the laboratory and in animals, because all medicines and treatments must prove safe and effective in humans before they can be widely prescribed. By conducting Florida orthopedic clinical research, we discover new and improved ways to prevent, treat and control disease related to the musculoskeletal system.

At Shrock Orthopedic Research, we engage in two main types of clinical research:

• Observational. Observational research follows orthopedic patients over a certain period of time to collect samples and look for patterns in their health. These studies tend to require little involvement by the patient.

• Interventional. Interventional research evaluates specific medications, procedures or devices to determine if they more effectively treat a disease or medical condition. This requires an intervention of some type, such as a new treatment, test or surgery.

Located in the same facilities as Ft. Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Shrock Research draws study participants from all over South Florida who wish to participate in FDA-approved, cutting-edge orthopedic research. We are currently recruiting patients for several studies. For more information about our current studies or to become a research hero, please call (954) 400-5544 or email us at info@shrockresearch.com.

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