Benefits of Participating in a Florida Orthopaedics Clinical Trial

The physicians and staff of Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine are dedicated to providing the best possible care for all patients – regardless of their interest in participating in clinical research. However, for those who are willing to participate in a cutting-edge Florida orthopaedics clinical trial, there are a number of benefits to consider.

• Contributing to the greater good. The information gained from clinical research may be used to develop new therapies to improve quality of life for you, or other patients like you, in the future. Many patients get great satisfaction from their involvement in clinical trials.

• Free medical care. There are never any costs for study participants. All medications, lab tests, x-rays and surgery are covered by the sponsor so you won’t need to worry about insurance coverage.

• Effectiveness. The treatments or medications offered by a study may be more effective than what’s currently approved and on the market. Because there are frequent evaluation points throughout the trial period, patients often feel they get even more attention and oversight of their care while participating in a clinical trial.

• Convenience. Our research facility, Shrock Research, is located in the same facilities as Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, making access easy for our patients. With many studies, the time commitment on the part of the patient is generally minimal.

• Stipend. Nearly all studies offer a stipend of $50-100 for every study-related office visit, so you can earn money while contributing to important medical research.

Shrock Orthopedic Research is a center of research excellence drawing study participants from all over South Florida who wish to participate in FDA-approved orthopedic trials. Dr. Shrock is the primary investigator for all studies. Our team strongly believes that research is our best hope for advancing treatment, and finding cures for disease. For more information about available studies, please visit the Current Studies section of our website.

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